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”My wife and I moved to Homestead when it opened in 1997. To this day, I’m happy with the decision we made. Homestead continues to be a comfortable place to live. I know that I can depend upon the Homestead community for needs and companionship. I look forward to being here for many years to come.”
"I have a sense of security knowing the staff at Homestead of Chariton is always on hand. I trust their care and know that they’ll come to my aid whenever it’s needed. Each day, I look forward to staying busy with the various activities the staff members provide and teach. Homestead of Chariton offers more than I ever anticipated. I’m able to maintain my independence while reaping the benefits of a qualified assisted living residence. I’m so glad to call Homestead of Chariton home.”
”I do more than assist with health care. I listen. I laugh. I cry. These aren’t just residents, they are part of family… my homestead familly. I provide medication assistance and personalized care to all the residents, but it’s so much more. I take pride in being a Certified Medication Assistant and know that their well-being is an essential part of my job. However, I know when I share a joke, hold a hand or give a hug, these are the moments that truly heal.”
"When I was looking for a quality retirement community for my parents, I visited Homestead Assisted Living. I couldn’t believe how much attention they give to their residents. It was so warm and friendly. It just felt like home. And the staff really cares about the people who live there. When the time came that my parents needed a little extra assistance, there was only one place I’d let them move. My parents kep their independence and their dignity. I visit them every day. Homestead is part of our family.”
”I chose to live at Homestead of Chariton to be closer to one of my daughters. I’m so lucky to see her as often as I do while living in such a nice, comfortable community. The staff members at Northridge are a pleasure to be around and always provide the best care possible. Living at Homestead of Chariton is fun, too. I enjoy using my sense of humor ot make the other residence laugh, which in turn puts a smile on my face each day.”
"Thanks to the advice of my son, I found the perfect place to live at Homestead. My room is luxurious, the food is wonderful, and I’m even able to use my own internet connection. I especially appreciate all of the activities offered; there just isn’t enough time in the day! The director and staff see to it that our needs are met and are always available to listen or just catch up on our lives. It is so easy to stay connected with the staff, our families, and the rest of the world while living at Homestead. Take some time to connect with Homestead yourself.”
”I moved to Homestead from another state several years ago. I was uncertain if I’d ever feel at home. However, the staff made that their personal priority. They do a wonderful job making sure Homestead feels just like home for the residents. And they’re not just staff members to us; they are our friends and family.”