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Assisted Living

The Right Care, When You Need It

When living on your own becomes too difficult, and your personal care needs become too great, an assisted living residence may be the perfect fit for you. Assisted living balances the need for a helping hand and the desire to live life on your own terms. You can feel confident your needs will be met while you have the space, freedom and flexibility to make your own choices and enjoy your life.

Our assisted living communities offer warm and inviting atmospheres that allow residents to relax and enjoy their every day. We strive to provide all the amenities of home to make them feel comfortable. Residents receive professional health care and personalized assistance as needed and are given access to individualized, around-the-clock care provided by a professional staff.

1.Homestead of AlbiaAlbia, Iowa
2.Homestead of Mason CityMason City, Iowa
3.Homestead of OsceolaOsceola, Iowa
4.Maple RidgeOskaloosa, Iowa
5.NorthridgeChariton, Iowa
6.Park Lane Assisted LivingKnoxville, Iowa
7.Prairie ViewCreston, Iowa
8.Eaglecrest Salina, Kansas
9.Fairlawn Heights Assisted LivingTopeka, Kansas
10.Homestead of Auburn Auburn, Kansas
11.Homestead of AugustaAugusta, Kansas
12.Homestead of Garden City Garden City, Kansas
13.Homestead of HalsteadHalstead, Kansas
14.Homestead of LeavenworthLeavenworth, Kansas
15.Homestead of LeawoodLeawood, Kansas
16.Homestead of LenexaLenexa, Kansas
17.Homestead of ManhattanManhattan, Kansas
18.Homestead of Olathe Assisted LivingOlathe, Kansas
19.Homestead of Topeka Topeka, Kansas
20.Homestead of WichitaWichita, Kansas
21.Lexington Park Assisted LivingTopeka, Kansas
22.Pioneer Ridge Assisted LivingLawrence, Kansas
23.Rolling Hills Assisted LivingTopeka, Kansas
24.Stoneybrook Assisted LivingManhattan, Kansas
25.Twin Oaks Assisted LivingLansing, Kansas
26.Homestead of HastingsHastings, Nebraska
27.Homestead of KearneyKearney, Nebraska
28.Homestead of NorfolkNorfolk, Nebraska
29.Homestead of OwassoOwasso, Oklahoma