The Value of Volunteering

We need each other. It’s a basic human truth that can easily be forgotten in the midst of busy work schedules, family obligations, and attachment to technology. Making time to give back is a challenge. Nevertheless, we urge you to find a way to make it happen!

Volunteers who serve seniors bring color and excitement to our communities. They share their knowledge, skills, and life experiences. They give their time to us and we, in turn, adore them. Volunteers are the heart of our communities.

The benefits of volunteering flow both ways. So don’t delay. Carve out an hour every other week to spend at a senior living community near you and begin reaping the rewards!

Hone Your Skills

Want to perfect your social skills or learn to be a little handier around the house? Volunteering at a senior community will give you lots of low-pressure opportunities to practice your skills. You will find endless opportunities to relate to new and diverse people who will be thrilled to chat with you. If you like to work with your hands you can help in the garden, assist with minor repairs, or lend a hand with community projects. You can even ease into public speaking by volunteering to call BINGO. You’ll get to practice talking in front of a crowd full of eager listeners!

Stay Active

Getting out of the house and into the community is a great way to stay active. Senior living communities depend on volunteers to help entertain, lead exercise programs and guide crafting groups. Volunteer visits are always a highlight of the week at senior living communities. So if you need an extra push to get going and get off the couch, there’s no better way to spend your free time.

Find a New Friend

Do you love to travel? Read? Play games? Create art? Watch sports? Garden? That’s wonderful, we love those things too! Friendship is never in short supply at our senior living communities and we have a pal for every personality. As the saying goes, it’s all about who you know.

Bask in the Benefits

Studies show there are some unexpected physical and emotional benefits of volunteerism. Volunteers enjoy a sense of purpose, a deeper sense of empathy and connection to the community, increased life satisfaction, lower blood pressure, reduced stress and decreased risk of depression.

Make the most of your time and volunteer! To get involved with a senior living community near you, just call. The community will be so glad to hear from you and the residents will soon be your new best friends.