Going To and Fro – Transportation Options for Seniors

What is the best way to get where you’re going? For seniors who no longer wish to get behind the wheel, affordable transportation is a must. The freedom to get from here to there has a huge impact on quality of life and your ability to remain independent. When depending on a family member or friend isn’t an option, it’s important to know how to get mobile.

County Senior Services

Your local Area Agency on Aging is a great place to seek out community resources, including transportation. The agency’s mission is to help seniors live as independently as possible by providing support and access to community programs. With their help, you can get connected to transportation services provided by private companies, senior centers, faith-based and non-profit organizations.

Public Transit

While it may not be the speediest mode of transportation, public transit is a very affordable option. Most public transit authorities provide seniors with discounted fares. In addition, riding the bus is better for the environment and safer than car travel.

Transportation Apps

For seniors comfortable with their smartphone, ride-share apps like Uber and Lyft make ordering a ride easy and convenient. Drivers are assigned to riders based on their distance from the pickup location, so response times are better than traditional taxi service. The built-in review system rewards courteous drivers and encourages excellent service. Rates depend on demand, so if you are able to schedule your trips at low-traffic times, you can save some cash.


If you aren’t quite ready for a smartphone app, you can use the GoGoGrandparent service. This service offers users a more traditional experience with the speed of a rideshare company, without the need to navigate an app. The GoGoGrandparent dispatch will order your ride and send message updates, including pickup notifications and driver contact information, to a trusted loved one. There is a per mile surcharge for the service, but even so, your ride will still be more affordable than a taxi.

Long-Distance Travel

For seniors looking for long-distance travel, always call to ask about accommodations for seniors. Currently, Amtrak Trains, Greyhound Bus Lines American Airlines, Delta, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines offer discounts to seniors.