Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day

Each year, the Sunday after Labor Day brings us one of Midwest Health’s favorite annual celebrations – Grandparents Day! On this special day, we get to celebrate the love, encouragement, and wisdom that grandparents offer.

So in honor of one of our favorite holidays, we’re counting down the top 5 ways to celebrate grandparents day!

5. Show ‘Em That You Know ‘Em

Give your grandparent something that shows them exactly how well you know them. Their favorite classic TV show on DVD, a beautiful bouquet of their favorite flowers, or a new fishing lure to catch their favorite fish. When you send a gift that shows you listen and care, you can’t go wrong.

4. Create A Scrapbook

Gather your favorite family photos and create a scrapbook for your grandparents. Whether you create a traditional scrapbook, professional photo book using an online tool like Shutterfly or a digital album on Facebook, your grandparent is sure to love reliving their favorite family memories.

3. Cook Up a Legacy

Grandma’s famous brownies. Grandpa’s homemade noodles. The taste and smell of that legendary family recipe can transport you back to your favorite childhood memory while you make a new memory with the newest generation. Create your delicious dish with the grandparents of honor or deliver it to them and enjoy!

2. Tell Their Story

Get out your crayons and construction paper and tell your favorite story about grandma or grandpa. Start with 4-5 sheets of paper and fold them in half. Staple the pages together at the center fold to create a booklet. Maybe you want to tell the story of when grandma took the grandkids to the park or perhaps you will tell the story of how grandma and grandpa met. Write a sentence or two on each page and have the children draw pictures to illustrate the story.

1. Go Visit!

If you can, go visit your grandparents. Let them wrap you in a hug, pinch your cheek and ask you all the questions that grandparents are famous for asking. If you can’t see them in the flesh, call them on a video chat service like Skype or Facetime. There is nothing in the world they will love more than seeing your smiling face. They will feel truly blessed and you will feel the unconditional love of a grandparent.